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I am one of those sceptics, who was at the beginning quite critical towards mindfulness topic. However, once I have tried it, I became quite an enthusiast of it. I am not afraid to say that mindfulness is one of the biggest discoveries of my life. Both at work and in my free time I value logical, practical and science-based approach. For these reasons I was avoiding mindfulness for some time - until I have discovered an enormous amount of scientific studies that support mindfulness-based approaches. When I have started to meditate, my often anxious and always busy mind began to let go, becoming clearer, lighter and calmer. Seems like a small change, but that enabled me to live a life filled with much more happiness, self-love and gratitude.

Now I am teaching mindfulness groups at MindfulnessFabriek in Utrecht (see link for the next group). In my work, I found out that just providing a bit of space for my clients is often enough for them to explore what is mindfulness and mindful way of living. It is an immense pleasure to learn together with them and to see them let go of their negative thoughts and feelings.

I also provide mindfulness training via Skype in English, Russian and Lithuanian languages.

Feel free to write to me and check how mindfulness could be helpful for you!


The nearest group in Utrecht starts on Thursday, 11th of April, at 19:00

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